Entry #1

I almost died last night.

2008-09-26 04:18:39 by AHumanBeing

I was invlolved in a car accident last night in which my vehicle flipped several times. By the look of my truck I should be dead.. all I have is a few fractures ribs.
I'll write more when I am less medicated...


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2008-09-26 04:31:27




2008-09-26 04:56:46

Take care dude!

I too suffered from an accident too.

A speeding Corvet tried to run a red light and smashed right into our family black truck...it was very late so I guess the driver didn't see it and tried to make a run for it...it was also suspected that he was drunk.

I only had a mild neck throw...but I healed with plenty of warm baths and hot towels.

I only got fractured toe after a Karate Tourney...

Take care dude ^_^


2008-09-26 04:58:55

look at my post i almost died too


2008-10-22 14:06:31

Yes, you should be dead.

AHumanBeing responds:

I only live on so that I continue to make glorious love to your gorgeous mother.